Luwingu councillors support subsidy removal

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Luwingu councillors support subsidy removal


Luwingu, Jun 1713, ZANIS- Councillors in Luwingu district in the Northern Province have joined their colleagues countrywide in supporting the removal of fuel and maize subsidies, saying the move will see much development in remote areas.


The councillors, who stormed Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), said the removal of fuel and maize subsidies will benefit the people in rural parts of Zambia.


Speaking on behalf of the councillors, Patriotic Front (PF) Masonde Ward Councillor, Frantino Kababa, said he was in support of the removal of subsidies which will see most rural roads, health centres and schools being rehabilitated to good standards.


“For some time now there has been no meaningful development in most parts of this country because money is spent on buying fuel for the mines which was not benefiting the rural populace,” he said.


Mr Kababa cited Masonde Ward as one of the wards which lagged behind in terms of development, adding that the area had no roads, clinics, schools and no power supply while the ward has been designated as a farm block from which production of maize, beans and Irish potatoes have been grown.


He said because of the poor road network farmers have been finding it hard to transport their farm produce and the sick relatives, especially pregnant mothers, to the central market and the district hospital respectively.


Mr Kababa said councillors have welcomed the removal of subsidies and appealed to the opposition political parties to allow the PF government to execute its five-year term and make judgements at the end.


“We need good roads, we need good schools, health centres, we know where we are coming from and we know where we are going; we are not children. If PF government is cheating them the people will vote us out as they did in 1991 and 2011,” he added.