Lupososhi MP donates bicycles

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—–A Member of Parliament in Luwingu District in Northern Province has donated 26 ordinary bicycles in his constituency to be used by ward officials for party mobilisation.


Lupososhi Member of Parliament, Lazarus Bwalya Chungu, donated the 26 bicycles over the weekend to be used by officials at the grass root level.

Mr Bwalya noted that the party officials were finding it hard to conduct party mobilization in his constituency due to transport problem as some of the wards were as big as some constituencies in Lusaka Province.


“As you may be aware that some of the wards in my constituency are as big as some constituencies in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces and it was very difficult for my party officials to move and mobilize the party,” he said.


He said it was necessary for him to donate the bicycles to alleviate transport problem encountered by the party leadership in his constituency.


Mr Bwalya said the bicycles will be distributed in all the 13 wards in Lupososhi Constituency to boost the morale of the ward executive committees that have been crying for transport to carry out party activities.


“I expect the bicycles to be used for party mobilization and they should not bring disunity in the party,” he added.


And Lupososhi Constituency Chairperson, Comas Musonda, assured Mr Bwalya that the bicycles will be put to good use.


Mr Musonda said the donation of the bicycles has come at a right time when the party was in dire need for transport and appealed to the PF National Executive Committee to buy vehicles for constituency officials for easy movements and party mobilisation.


He said following the removal of fuel and maize subsidies the constituencies have been avoided by opposition leaders who are using the subsidy to whip the PF government at the grass root level in far flung areas.


“Lupososhi is still a strong hold of the Patriotic Front since in 2001. We were the first to vote for PF Member of Parliament and we have maintained since then,” he said.


Mr Musonda said Lupososhi Constituency is the birth place for the ruling Patriotic Front which saw the first ever PF Member of Parliament, Musonda Mpakanta.


Meanwhile, over 50 United Party for National Development (UPND) members have resigned to join the Patriotic Front following the massive developmental projects going on throughout the country initiated by the PF government.


The cadres also told ZANIS that they were disappointed to note that their former President, Hikainde Hichilema, has become reluctant to matters of national development by allegedly resorting to solo demonstrations and inciting minibus drivers to breaking trafficking rules.


They said the PF government is working very hard to see to it that road traffic accidents are reduced in the country.


The cadres, who have resigned from UPND, are from Lupososhi and Lubansenshi constituencies.