PF refutes arrest of cadre in Luangwa

PF Cadres

The Patriotic Front-PF leadership in Lusaka province has reacted sharply to reports carried by an online media that a party cadre has been arrested and detained in Feira.

Lusaka province chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwa  says the said person is not a PF cadre as alleged but a named local resident who is also mentally disturbed.

ZANIS reports that Mr Chuumbwa was speaking in an interview today in Feira constituency in Luangwa district.

Mr Chuumbwa said he was disappointed with the local police for putting a sick person in the cells instead of taking him to the clinic for  medical attention.

And Mr Chuumbwa has also denied reports that the PF has ferried cadres from other parts of the country saying that the only people from Lusaka were himself together with other provincial leaders.

He said the leadership is operating within its jurisdiction since Luangwa district was part of Lusaka Province.

United Party for national Development UPND cadres yesterday effected a citizen’s arrest the  mental person whom they claimed was a PF cadre for allegedly stalking their candidate, Euraria Mwale.

Efforts to get a comment from Ms. Mwale proved futile by press time as her phone was unreachable.

The people of Luangwa go to the polls next Thursday on June 20 to elect a member of parliament.

The seat fell vacant after Patrick Ngoma of the MMD resigned to join the Patriotic Front on whose ticket he will be re-contesting the seat and is being challenged by candidates from the opposition UPND and the MMD.