Kalabo people told to change attitude toward govt. projects

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Kalabo people told to change attitude toward govt. projects

Kalabo, June 14, ZANIS—Kalabo Central Member of Parliament (MP) Chinga Miyutu has implored people in his area to change their attitude towards government programmes.

And Mr. Miyutu, who is opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) MP, said those opposing the removal of subsidies were enemies of rural development.

Speaking when he addressed public meetings in Lushi and Kanchumwa communities in Kalabo district yesterday, Mr. Miyutu revealed that government has shown willingness to foster development in Kalabo district.

He said this can be evidenced by the programmes which government was undertaking in the district.

He cited the electrification of government schools along the Kalabo-Sikongo road and the construction of the Mongu-Kalabo road as some of the major projects the Patriotic Front (PF) government is currently undertaking in the district.

Mr. Miyutu further disclosed that government has opened tenders for upgrading township roads from grave to bituminous standards.

He said construction of six rural health centres have has started in Kalabo Central constituency in order to take health services closes to the people than before.

The Deputy Minister said government cannot work alone in developing Kalabo district hence the need for the involvement of the community.

Mr. Miyutu said there was need for people to change their mindset of waiting for government to work for them but should instead participate in developing Kalabo.

Meanwhile, Mr. Miyutu has lashed out at people speaking against the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.

The visibly annoyed deputy minister said those opposing the stance that was taken by President Michael Sata to remove subsidies were not being fare to rural communities.

He explained that the subsidies only benefited people living in towns and not rural districts such as Kalabo.

Mr. Miyutu said the impact of subsidies was so minimal to be felt in rural areas.

However, the Deputy Minister noted that rural communities stood to benefit more if funds saved from the removal of subsidies were channeled to the construction of roads in rural districts.

He cited Kalabo as one of the rural districts that were in dire need of standard roads.

Mr. Miyutu said the poor road network contributed to dwindling of farming activities in the district as farmers were unable to transport their harvests to the market.

And Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate appealed to the residents to be patient and allow government to carry out development projects in the district.

Mrs. Mate said Kalabo has lagged behind in development hence government wants to close the gap by constructing schools, rural clinics and roads.