ZAF officers urged to remain loyalty

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ZAF officers urged to remain loyalty

Livingstone, June 13, ZANIS…..Zambia Air force (ZAF) Livingstone

Station Commander Colonel Simeon Manyando has appealed to officers

in the Province to continue to be nonpartisan and serve the

government .


Col Manyando said it was important that members of the defence forces continue to be

focused, loyal and patriotic in serving the government of day and

discharge their duties professionally.


“Allow me to appeal to all of you  to remain focused, loyal and

patriotic to the noble spirit of jealously  defending our mother

Zambia and its rich natural resources for the benefit of present and

future generations,” said Col.  Manyando.


Col. Manyando said this today during a sporting event for the defence

personnel held at David Livingstone College of Education in

commemoration of the Zambia Defence Force Day which falls on June 13

every year.


Col Manyando noted that the defence of national sovereignty,

territorial integrity and national interest was the constitutional

mandate and one of the important pillars of national security which

should make every defence personnel proud.


However, Col Manyando pointed out that the success and efficiency y of the

defence force was highly dependent upon the physical fitness of its

members adding that it was through sports activities that would keep

officers fit and healthy all the time.


“ The need for defence officers to be physically fit and healthy at all

times cannot be over emphasized and this is why we decided to

commemorate this day through an interactive manner by conducting various

sporting activities in which everyone will compete,” Col Manyando



Col Manyando further said the formation of the defence forces through

integration  was a landmark development.