Government urged to construct enough storage sheds

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The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has called for the construction of sufficient agricultural food storage sheds in the country if government is to adequately address the 32 percent food waste experienced every farming season.


CSPR Executive Director Mwila Mulumbi said there is need for increased infrastructure development in supporting the agriculture sector in ensuring food security.


Ms Mulumbi said government should commit to creating market links for the food produced every farming season to ensure timely sale and avoid waste by food overstaying in storage facilities.


She further called on government to prioritize the creation of access roads leading to critical agriculture facilities to enable farmers’ easy access to storage facilities.


Ms Mulumbi noted that though government has put in place favourable policies in the agriculture sector such as the Famers Support Input Program (FISP) it should work to improve the accessibility of credit facilities targeting farmers.


She also said once empowered, small scale farmers would be able to grow enough food not only for consumption but also for sale and in turn build their own market links.


She stated that the recent research conducted by CSPR in Luapula, Western and Eastern provinces revealed that food stuffs such as maize, ground nuts, cassava and rice grown in these three provinces goes to waste due to lack of market links.


Recently, government had announced that about 32 percent of food produced every farming season goes to waste due to poor storage facilities.



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