Porous borders reason for increased illegal immigrant entry

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Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu has attributed the increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering Zambia to low staffing levels in the Immigration Department.


Mr. Lungu told ZANIS in Lusaka today that his ministry has since applied to the Ministry of Finance and Cabinet office for authority to employ more immigration officers in the department.


He said the application to employ underscores government’s concern with the low staffing levels in the department.


He has since called on the members of the public to participate in maintaining sanity at all entry points on the Zambian borders.


The minister further called on members of the public to uphold the sovereignty and dignity of the country by reporting illegal immigrants entering Zambia to relevant authorities.


Mr. Lungu said border security was an enormous responsibility that should be taken up by all citizens instead of solely leaving it to the men and women in uniform alone.


The country has continued to experience illegal immigrants entering the country through leaky borders, the move which has prompted various sections of society to call on government to strengthen security at all border posts.


Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu disclosed that his ministry was holding talks with the police commissioners, the councils and the lands commissioner for the construction of houses on bare pieces of land in various police camps in the country to reduce accommodation challenges facing the police.