Training more midwives will help attain MDG on health – Chikusu

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—-Health Deputy Minister, Patrick Chikusu, has noted that having more midwives in the country will ultimately assist the country in achieving the Millennium Development Goal of improving maternal health by 2015.

Dr Chikusu said this is why government remains committed to ensuring that more human resource is trained in midwifery.

He said the move to train more midwives is also aimed at reducing maternal and infant deaths.

Dr Chikusu added that government is also devoted to improving the quality of life and ensuring that there is professional manpower to deliver health services to the people.

The Health Deputy Minister said this yesterday in Chikankata District when he launched the registered midwifery programme at the Chikankata College of Nursing.

Dr Chikusu, however, noted that the first registered midwifery students will commence training in January, next year.

He further stated that government is projecting to bridge the gap of 22,000 deficit of human resource in the health sector in the next five  to ten years hence its support to institutions that are complementing its efforts.

And Dr Chikusu has directed management at Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences to penalise the contractor for having deserted the construction of the demonstration laboratory block.

The Deputy Minister said it is important to ensure that serious contractors are engaged when government releases funds for such important undertakings.

He gave this directive when Acting Principle at the college, Elias Hamatanga, disclosed to him that construction works at the demonstration block have delayed for four years after the engaged contractor abandoned the site.

Dr Chikusu further said a serious contractor must be identified as soon as possible in order to complete the works.