Hamududu calls for release of Nikel corridor funds

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–UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament (MP), Highvie Hamududu, has urged government to release funds for the completion of the Nikel Development Corridor in his constituency.


Mr Hamududu says the corridor will propel economic activities in Monze district once completed.


He complained that only a paltry 15 km stretch of the corridor was done while the rest 35 km length is yet to be done.


Mr Hamududu was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.


He said Monze boasts of various agro-activities such as maize growing, dairy farming and that the corridor passes along the line of rail.


“I call upon government to release funds to complete the 35km Nikel Development Corridor and once done, it will spur lots of economic activities and create employment opportunities in the district,” Mr Hamududu said.


The Bweengwa MP said government should step up its efforts and steer the economy by working with stakeholders like parliamentarians who know which projects could help alleviate the suffering of the Zambian people.


“We have done 15km of the corridor and we need to step up efforts for economic development,” the Bweengwa MP said.