Mulemena legacy continues

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“>via Zambia Daily Mail by Online Editor on 6/6/13

HIS uncle was the illustrious Emmanuel Mulemena, whose social commentary folk songs made a huge impact on the Zambian music arena decades ago before his death in 1980.
Later in the years, Dickson Mponda, Mulemena’s cousin, was to revive the Mulemena legacy with some sizzling thought-provoking tunes such as Bashi Mine.
But it was probably the Mulemena Boys, led by Brian Chibangu, that would continue with the Mulemena legacy, after re-mixing some of Emmanuel’s hit songs such as Amalume, Bakaseya Ni Bani, Ichiyeyeye, Kwi Lamba Ekwesu, Pamudzi Palubabo and Imbote of the 70s and 80s.
Their own Kabotolo, Navuluka, Mukwenda, Kayimana and Mukananga followed the list of hits before the demise of Chibangu in 1985.
Three decades down the line, Emmanuel Mulemena’s nephew, Keegan Kasonso Musonda, a.k.a. 2KG Di Black Dollar, has arrived on the exciting local music industry, only this time with some music genre which is more appealing to the younger generation.
“I come from a rich musical family background, a family of musical legends, among them late Emmanuel Mulemena and Dickson Mponda, whose music inspired me a great deal while growing up on the Copperbelt,” said 2KG, who attended his primary and junior secondary schools at Kitwe’s Bulangililo Basic and Kwacha secondary schools between 2000 and 2003.
Despite the huge influence of his uncles and cousins in his early life, 2KG also revealed that there were other local music artistes whose music he enjoyed listening to, even going all the way to mime to some of the songs during end-of-term variety shows.
During his school days, especially after enrolling at Mumbwa High School for his senior grades, 2KG said he was ever glued to the music of the likes of JK and Exile (Israel), arguably, some of the most successful singers of the new millennium, although he also finds the music of Mr Perfecto, B1 irresistible.
“JK and Exile’s music had a great impact in my early days in music and I guess the duo deserve to be among some of the most creative and successful [singers] on the local music scene,” said 2KG, who completed his high school in 2005.
A year after leaving high school, 2KG started polishing his teeny songs which he had been writing since his school days and recorded his first track in 2006 titled Silent Burner featuring Tiye P from the Kopala Swag label.
Between 2008 and 2010, 2KG went  on to share in the spoils with the likes of Lloydee, a member of XYZ, whose CEO is the Zambia Music Awards (ZAMA) five- time winning hip-hop/rapper, Slap D, as well as another slam titled Love Letter on which he collaborated with his close pal, MO4 (Mazuba Chilokota).
Ironically, it was 2KG and MO4’s duet acts that produced such revealing songs as Bosso Bosso, Wamona Wamona and Naipa Bwanji, which have all been rocking the airwaves in recent times.
M04 has also collaborated with 2KG and another charismatic young performer named Jay-Amiz from Phat Jam Records, on his brand new track titled Tombauka.
But while he was all over the recording studios, including TK’s Roma Side and Jerry Fingerz’s Flat-line studios, 2KG was studying for his certificate in power electrical at the Lusaka Business and Technical College.
“I have always believed that school should always come first in life, even with the temptations which go with musical fame and fortune,” said 2KG, who graduated in 2007
More recently, 2KG, the third born in a family of five, has been trotting between some of Lusaka’s recording studios mingling with the new generation’s latest producers who include the likes of Bishap from the Cabin studios and Skills from Phat Jam Records.
“Already, I have recorded some works with hip-hop/rapper Ruff Kid’s younger brother, Hustler Kang’ono (Emmanuel Nkhoma), on the song Bana Bake, while I have also featured The Problem (Shawn Mtonga) on the song Power of Love,” said 2KG, who is still single.
With his other notable inspirations coming from US mega stars, R. Kelly, Mario and Luther Vandross, 2KG is back in the recording studios where he is putting final touches to his yet-to-be titled maiden album.
Apart from Power of Love, 2KG has recorded such love songs as Love Letter, Like I Never Left and Rape Case with the videos of Bana Bake and Love Letter debuting on the small screens lately.
For his live shows, 2KG has already blazed his fans at such clubs as The Groove Jet and Club Zone, both situated in Emmasdale, as well as at Kabwata’s hottest spots, East Point and Beak Point.
The release of the album is due before the end of the year after 2KG embarks on some live shows across the country.
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