Shakumbila praises govt for planning to build palaces

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–Senior Chief Shakumbila of the Saala people of Mumbwa district has praised government on its intention of constructing 288 palaces countrywide.

Senior Chief Shakumbila told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the idea is long overdue.


He said the government’s plan is welcome, adding that such buildings will add more recognition in the land as the palaces will now bear the national flag as a symbol of it being an institutional house belonging to the government and not the royal family.


He said Chiefs in the country are anxiously waiting for the implementation of the project.


The traditional ruler added that during the last sitting of the House of Chiefs government availed three designs of palaces, one which was more expensive and big, medium and reasonable and size and the other medium size which was cheaper.


He further explained that the House of Chiefs approved the first design for the paramount chiefs and the medium size palaces for the senior chiefs and junior chiefs.


Senior Chief Shakumbila, however, pointed out that government should prove itself by fulfilling the promise and not mere sentiments.


Meanwhile, Senior Chief Shakumbila has asked government to consider increasing the maize flow price if briefcase buyers are to be contained.


He said people have continued to sell their maize to briefcase buyers because their prices are better than the Food Reserve Agency (FRA’s).


Recently, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister, Susan Kawandami, announced that officials will soon start going round chiefs’ palaces to show traditional rulers the design for the palaces.


She explained that the palaces will be institutional houses and not personal, meaning that all chiefs that come after the serving chiefs would occupy the same units.