Hamududu cries for tarring Monze/Nikel road

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—UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament (MP), Highvie Hamududu, says the delay in tarring the Monze/Nikel road in his constituency is hindering development.


Mr Hamududu accused government of ‘keeping a deaf ear’ on the Monze/Nikel road which has existed since the 1950s.


He says his fellow parliamentarian predecessors consistently fought government on the need to tar the 74 kilometre stretch road but to date there is no progress on the ‘famous’ Monze/Nikel road.


The Bweengwa MP named his predecessors as the late Amon Natala, late Eli Mwanan’gonze, late Baldwin Nkumbula, Edgar Keembe and deceased Japhet Moonde before him.


He said once the road is tarred, it would spur a lot of economic activities in Monze district and that it would save as a short-cut to connect Southern Province through the capital City, Lusaka via the Copperbelt province.


Mr Hamududu was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.


“Tarring of the Monze/Nikel road will simply be an overdue answer. You might be aware that my five other MP predecessors had consistently fought with government to have this road tarred but to date nothing has been done,” Mr Hamududu lamented.


The MP claimed that tourists are shunning the Vonconivar National Park and that the delay in tarring the road has adversely affected the agricultural potential and livestock production delivery to the market.


Mr Hamududu, however, expressed hope that the Patriotic Front Government will live to its word and implement the 2011 election promises by tarring the road in question.