-Chief cries for rural banking facilities

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Chief cries for rural banking facilities

Kalomo, June 6, 2013, ZANIS – Chief Chikanta of Kalomo district has appealed to

financial institutions to open up banking facilities in rural areas so that peasant farmers can secure their earnings.


The traditional leader says most farmers in rural areas kept colossal amounts of money in their houses  therefore exposing them to criminal attacks.


Chief Chikanta made the appeal in Mabombo area of Kalomo yesterday when

SEEDCO  donated a container to be used as a make-shift stall where farmers will buy agro inputs.

The move will lessen transport costs  incurred by the local farmers when they  travel to  Choma and Kalomo to buy seed or fertilizer .


The chief boasted that his subjects were financially sound because Kalomo is a highly productive maize area and

that banks were assured to get business if they considered setting up facilities in the area.


Meanwhile, SEEDCO regional manager Jasper Simanengo disclosed that the company has donated building materials worth KR10,000.00  to three community schools in Chikanta chiefdom .


And Kalomo district administrative officer, Justus Phiri said government attaches great

importance to the development of small scale farmers  in contributing to the agriculture sector.


According to available statistics, Kalomo will export 8,451 metric tonnes of maize to Zimbabwe from the

maize stocks generated from scale farmers dotted around the district.