Vubwi residents cry for water

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—Vubwi residents in Eastern Province have complained of water shortage in the district.


Speaking when Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Deputy Minister, Panji Kaunda, visited the area to explain the removal of fuel and maize subsidies, residents from Manota, Mbozi, and Zozwe villages complained of lack of access to clean water, a situation they said is responsible for waterborne diseases.


The residents said out of a total of 35 villages in the district, only ten have access to clean water.


Vubwi residents’ representative, Bizwell Mbewe, said the situation has greatly endangered the lives of women in the district as they have to wake up as early as 03:00 hours in the morning to look for water which they said is miles away.


Mr Mbewe said the water shortage has also affected the animals as it is hard to find any water sources for the livestock to drink from.


But Vubwi District Commissioner, Velenasi Moyo, assured the residents that government will soon embark on a project to construct dams and drill boreholes in the district.


Ms Moyo told the residents to make proposals of what sites would be the best to drill the boreholes, saying the council will take the proposals into consideration.