Govt donates wheel chair to retired civil servant

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—Government has come to the aid of 73-year-old Peter Mbilikita of Kamwala compound in Kabompo district, whose both legs are paralyzed, by giving him a wheel chair.

Mr Mbilikita thanked government for quickly responding to his plight, saying the wheel chair will enable him access medical services from Kabompo district hospital easily.

The wheel chair was handed over to Mr Mbilikita at his house by Kabompo District Commissioner, Dennis Kanyakula, in company of Patriotic Front district chairperson, Briston Nyamachaka and district secretary, Antony Simutowe.

Mr Kanyakula said the PF government is a pro-poor and a very listening government which cares for the vulnerable and less privileged people in society.

Mr Mbilikita who became paralyzed shortly after he retired from the Ministry of Works and Supply in 1998, last week appealed for a wheel chair assistance to enable him access medical services at Kabompo district hospital.

He indicated that he has been finding difficulties to access medical services at the district hospital because he has neither a wheel chair nor money to book a taxi.

Mr Mbilikita is being looked after by his 66 years old wife, Leah.