Wrangles brew in chief Chikupili’s succession

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—A losing candidate from amongst aspirants for Chief Chikupili throne, has petitioned the Chikupili Royal Establishment for choosing Boyd Ngosa as Chief Chikupili the 8th of Mkushi District.

Member of the Chikupili Royal family, Aidan Ngoma, challenged the selection of Boyd Ngosa as the new Chief, citing several anomalies in the selection procedures which were conducted two weeks ago

Mr Ngoma, who had polled 195 votes against Mr Ngosa’s 260 votes, alleged that the electoral panel, which undertook the selection, was not entirely composed of people who had links with the Chikupili Royal Establishment.

He said many factors of the Swaka traditional norms for choosing chiefs were not observed, adding that he believed that this had led to the selection panel choosing the 28-year-old Ngosa who was the youngest aspirant.

Mr Ngoma charged that voters on the selection panel were not briefed on how to cast their votes for the candidate of their choice, saying many were surprised to learn that Mr Ngosa had triumphed ahead of more experienced adversaries.

He observed that the throne for Chief Chikupili deserved serious attention towards selecting a suitable chief, adding that there was need to be exact in tracing ancestral lineage with reference to the royal family tree.

He complained that he felt robbed of being chosen as chief in this regard, saying that he was legible to succeed his late uncle, Joseph Salati, on this throne.

Mr Ngoma, who is former Upper Lunsemfwa Ward Councillor as well as retired Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) employee, pointed out that Mr Ngosa had just completed school in 2011, and had no leadership experience.

Another Petitioner, Musonda Kandulo, expressed concern with the selection of what he termed as ‘inexperienced leader’, saying he feared that Mr Ngosa would become a mere puppet for other royal establishment leaders.

Mr Kandulo mentioned that Mr Ngosa did not have any proven record of responsibility and leadership in social and family circles, adding that the young chief was not married and had no children.


Last month, the Chikupili Royal Establishment selected Boyd Ngosa to be the new chief to succeed the late Joseph Salati for the throne of Chief Chikupili.

Chief Chitina of Mkushi’s Swaka people and Chief Mulungwe of Mkushi’s Lala people assisted with facilitating the selection procedures which were witnessed by senior government officials that included Mkushi District Commissioner (DC), Christopher Chibuye, as well as  Central Province Local Government Officer, Robert Nyambosha.