Hungry jumbos disrupt church service in Mpika

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Hungry jumbos disrupt church service in Mpika

Mpika, June 3, 2013, ZANIS…Giant Elephants yesterday disrupted the church service in Mwateshi Village of Mpika district in Muchinga Province.


And Mr. Kapeya has described the situation in Mano area as serious.

The elephants attacked the congregants forcing them to scamper in all directions for their lives.

The congregants and  children later climbed trees amid shouts for help as the elephants ate and destroyed their maize fields.

ZANIS reports from Mpika that both Information deputy minister Mwansa Kapeya and St. Andrews Parish Priest In-Charge, Fr. Joseph Mulenga Besa have confirmed the development in an interview today.

Father Besa who went for mass in Mwateshi said prayers were disrupted as church members feared to be church that they might be attacked and killed by elephants when they spotted them advancing towards the church.

Father Besa said church members later stood outside the church as they watched helplessly as the animals ravaged their fields.

The clergyman said he was forced to end the mass unceremoniously for fear of elephant reactions after they were disturbed by members of the community.

Fr. Besa said he has since reported the matter to the Zambia Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) officers in Mpika who have since rushed to the area.

ZAWA Area Warden Patrick Nyirenda said he has already deployed officers to the affected area adding that the officers have started driving away the animals from the villages.

Mr. Nyirenda said the elephant ran away from Mano Camp of North-Luangwa on Friday in search of maize and has since appealed to the poachers who are planning to kill one for their consumption that they should not provoke them as ZAWA is in total control.

He explained that once they elephants hear the sound of the bullet, they will angrily react and go on rampage killing and destroying houses, the situation he said should be avoided at all costs.

At least 4 hectares and 1 lima of maize field  has so far been invaded  and maize has been badly eaten by elephants whose number is not yet confirmed as officers from Mano camp do not know how many elephants have left the camp.

According ZAWA officials driving away elephants, the destruction will be bad because the system being used to drive away elephants for fear of any retaliation on people will leave a lot of fields without maize.

And Mr. Kapeya has described the situation in Mano area as serious.


Mr. Kapeya said that he is however, happy that ZAWA officers have responded quickly to prevent the loss of life.

He said that he is optimistic that the situation will soon come under control.