Government requested to transfer N/Western provincial headquarters to Kabompo

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—People in Kabompo district are appealing to President Michael Sata to transfer North-western provincial headquarters from Solwezi to Kabompo and create more districts in the region.

Kabompo West Member of Parliament, Ambrose Lufuma, said revealed the people’s appeal when he officiated at this year’s Kazanga traditional ceremony of the Nkoya speaking people in Kabompo over the week-end.

Mr Lufuma said people want Kabompo, which is centrally located, to be the provincial headquarters in order to honour first Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, who was detained in the district under house arrest in 1959 during the struggle for independence.

He, nevertheless, hailed President Michael Sata for creating Manyinga district, adding that people in the province want the creation of more districts, especially on the Zambezi west bank, which is critically under developed.

Mr Lufuma has also appealed to government to consider looking for serious investors to open up copper, gold, oil and gas mines in Kabompo, Zambezi and Chavuma districts in order to create more jobs.