MMD looses four Councillors in Mpulungu

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MMD looses four Councillors in Mpulungu


Mpulungu, June 2, ZANIS —- Mpulungu Member of Parliament Freedom Sikazwe says the PF government is committed to take development to all areas of the country.


Mr Sikazwe was speaking in Mpulungu at a public meeting held to welcome four MMD councillors who had resigned from their party to join the PF.


Mr Sikazwe said it was saddening to see that some areas in the district still had pole and mud classrooms and urged the defectors to work with the government in order to see development in their areas.


The MMD councillors who defected to the PF included, Jimmy Sikazwe, Ernest Sikazwe, Nathan Mwambazi and Friday Sikazwe from Mumila, Kapembwa, Vyamba and Chisha Wards respectively.


During the meeting, Sikazwe urged PF members to go on an aggressive membership recruitment exercise and explain the PF policies to the people, adding that the general populace could only support the government if they understood what was happening.


”We have understood that by voting for the MMD in the last elections, you people did not make a mistake because your principles are ‘you don’t work with the opposition….you work with the government of the day’. You were voting with the hope of retaining the MMD and nobody can blame you for your loyalty,” Mr Sikazwe told the gathering.


He said the councillors had realized that for them to see development in their areas, there was need to incline themselves with the ruling PF.


Mr Sikazwe said he was hopeful that during nominations, the four councillors would contest unopposed.


During the meetings held in the councillors respective wards, over 50 members from different political parties resigned to joined the PF.


And speaking during another public meeting held at Chinakila village, PF district Chairlady Mirriam Naulapwa said there was no doubt that the MMD was finished judging by the exodus of its members from the party.


She said she was one of the founder members of the MMD in Mpulungu but had ditched the party when she realized that the MMD was working against the people who had put them in power.


”We started the MMD with Derrick Chitala (now Mbita Chitala), late Ronald Penza and Dean Mung’omba and we were called the ‘Mbala Mafias’ and for some years we worked very well but the top leadership later turned against the people……what kind of a political institution turns against the very people that vote for them?”  Naulapwa asked.


Ms Naulapwa advised people to trust and support the PF government, saying its commitment to the people was being seen by the developmental programmes the government had embarked on countrywide.


She said the PF in Mpulungu was going to work hard to ensure that the area did not remain behind in development.


During his tour, Mr Sikazwe also took time to explain the government’s intentions by removing subsidies on fuel and maize.


He also inspected some ongoing developmental projects  in the district which included bridges, schools, roads, and the Lunzuwa hydro-power plant.


Mr Sikazwe was accompanied by councillors, senior party officials and government representatives.