-Bemba Royal Establishment gets counsel

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Bemba Royal Establishment gets counsel

Kasama, May 31, 2013, ZANIS–A resident in Chiti Mukulu area has appealed to the Bemba Royal Establishment to administer the affairs systematically to avoid creating divisions among themselves.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today Chisala Tompwechiti said people should leave the administration of the Bemba Royal Establishment to the six member team to decide on the affairs of choosing a chief.

Mr. Tompwechiti added that the Royal Establishment has people who are charged with the responsibility of choosing traditional leaders.

He noted that if all the affairs of the Bemba Royal Establishment are administered carefully, it will help in the smooth running of the Bemba land

Mr. Tompwechiti thanked the PF Government for having removed subsidies on Maize, Fertilisers and Fuel to enable Government concentrate in bring development to people in the rural Zambia.

He noted that already Government has started renovating township roads in districts which will spill to feeder roads to link development to people in remote areas.

Mr. Tompwechiti said although the measure will be painful for a time but people of Zambia should breast for service delivery from the PF government.