Results of a game lands men in prison

prison arrest
prison arrest

Results of a game lands men in prison

Namwala, May 30, ZANIS ———The Namwala Magistrate court has convicted three men for assault and robbery contrary to section 292 cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on 27th January 2013, Mastermind Matongo aged 26, Gift Maambo 26 and Lameck Matongo 22 whilst acting together attacked and robbed Sydney Kaulu of KR600.

The incident happened following a fight that erupted when the complainant Sydney Kaulu refused to honour his promise to pay Mastermind Matongo a KR1 for winning the game of pool which all betted for.

The two young men were playing pool at P Square Bar in Chitongo area of Chief Nalubamba and in their game they agreed that the winner will get a KR1.

But after Mastermind Matongo won the game Sydney Kaulu refused to pay him the KR1 he promised before they started game and it was at this point that Mastermind Matongo pounced on Sydney Kaulu.

The court learnt that Gift Maambo and Lameck Matongo also joined the fight with the aim of forcing to get the KR1 from Kaulu, resulting in assaulting him in the process as they used force to get the KR1 but eventually got KR600 which Kaulu had reserved to buy maize at Chitongo.

According to the Medical reports from Namwala District Hospital, Sydney Kaulu sustained a swollen right eye during the fight.

And, Namwala Magistrate Muzambilika Simwatachela found the trio with a case of occasioning bodily harm and robbery contrary to section 292 Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Magistrate Simwatachela convicted Mastermind Matongo and Gift Maambo to two years imprisonment with hard labour while Lameck Matongo was convicted for one year simple imprisonment.

Magistrate Simwatachela convicted the trio taking into account their mitigation factors and that they were all first offenders. 

But Lameck Matongo was convicted for one year simple imprisonment after the magistrate took note of his mitigation of being disabled and that he had suffered while in custody as he was not allowed to have his clutches for walking.