Govt. urges teachers to upgrade their qualifications

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Govt. urges teachers to upgrade their qualifications


Luwingu, May 30TH, 2013,  ZANIS — – Government has appealed to teachers at Luwingu secondary school in the Northern Province to upgrade their qualification if they are to meet the global demand.



Secretary to the cabinet Ronald Musisika says that teachers at the school need to upgrade their qualification in order to provide quality education services.



ZANIS reports from Luwingu District that the Secretary to the cabinet said this when he  addressed teachers at the school, yesterday.



Dr Musisika said he was happy that some teachers have possessed decrees from the University of Zambia and from the private universities offering the same papers.



He said government will improve salaries and condition of service basing on qualification and that the PF government will always encourage its workers to attain the highest qualification.



He said teachers have a huge role to upgrade the mind of school going children hence the need for them to upgrade their qualifications to meet the global demand.



Dr Musisika also said he was happy to visit Luwingu secondary school because he did his entire secondary school education from 1974 and 1978 respectively.



And addressing heads of government departments at the council chamber, Dr Musisika called on the public officers to be loyal to the government of the day and support its policies programmes.


He said government has improved the condition of services for its workers and he wouldn’t want to hear negative attitude towards articulating government policies such coming late and absconding from official duties.



He said the PF government recognise the importance and role of the public workers in the national development and in the delivery of quality service to the community.



Dr Musisika said public workers are expected to carry out their roles and responsibility with dedication and commitment to the general public.



He said the public service employees are expected to perform their duties basing on the code of ethic such integrity, honesty objectivity, impartiality, loyalty, respect, accountability excellence confidentiality and selflessness.



Dr Musisika said the community out there expect improved service from civil servants who are closer to them.



And Luwingu District Council secretary, Jovas Ngoma praised the secretary to the cabinet for visiting the district and explains the government programmes to the workers.



He said the PF government has started implementing its programmes which will uplift the standards of living for the people of Luwingu.



Mr Ngoma said the upgrading of inter-district roads are among the things people in luwingu have cried about for many years.



He said because of poor road network many people in the district have not benefited from the much talked about subsidies especially on fuel and maize products saying the district has been buying fuel and mealie meal from kasama district.



Mr Ngoma further said the PF government has proved to the people of Zambia that it is a listening government and its aim is foster development throughout the country.



He said Luwingu District has so far benefited starting from the ministry education, judiciary and health whose infrastructure is taking shape in the area.



Meanwhile Dr Musisika has appealed to the workers to explain government position on this matter to the communities because before opposition political parties use it as a campaign weapon.



He said it was a role of civil servants to take it up and explain properly to the community after all the community did not benefit from the same subsidy.



“The community grow their own maize and take it to the hammer mills with any government support, while they walk long distances without getting on to the bus. Subsidy has only benefited few individuals,” he explained.