-FEDEPA wants truth commission

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The Federal Democratic Party – FEDEPA has called for the establishment of a Truth Commission to probe corruption and abuses which have taken place in the nation since the country attained its independence in 1964.


Party president Alfred Sayila says it is only through such a commission that the whole truth can be known as to how those who held, and still hold public office in the land regardless of their positions conducted themselves.


Mr Sayila said this will help to clear some of the long standing rumours such as the copper gate scandal of the 1970s, the oil wells in Iraq,  Merzaf scam, arms deal to Angola, Gabon disaster and also the alleged political assassinations of some prominent persons.


He said in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today that his party strongly feels that the ongoing anti-corruption fight, if it has to be of any significance should go beyond targeting a few past leaders but get to the bottom of everything.


“We all saw what the removal of the immunity of the late president Fredrick Chiluba and his subsequent prosecution achieved, not very much.


“Therefore, there is need for a Truth Commission to be set up to receive evidence from all those who are living who may know some deeper things about those who held and continue to hold public offices, whether in government, unions, church or other public institutions,” Mr. Sayila said.


He said it is not enough for some people to hide under the pretext that they were not the captains of the statecraft when some of those evils were happening.


Mr Sayila said his party is aware that some of the people were the right hand men of the disgraced leaders and had a direct hand in whatever wrongs their top leaders did.


“In this regard we strongly feel only an impartially convened truth commission of people with clean records can get right information that can help the law enforcement agencies and courts to carry out their work for those who may be incriminated in the proceedings”, he said.


Mr Sayila said he wants those who will be found to have committed heinous crimes against the Zambian people and the State brought before the courts of law.