Mafinga District’s civic center gains shape

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Mafinga District’s civic center gains shape

Mafinga, May 29, 2013, ZANIS…Construction of a Civic Centre for Mafinga district council in Muchinga Province is taking shape.

Acting council secretary Abraham Sikalumba says works on the KR 1.4 million project is progressing well and nearing completion.


Mr. Sikalumba told Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Mafinga in an interview yesterday.


He said that the project once completed will easy accommodation problem for the local authority in terms of office space.

He said that currently the local authority was sharing offices with other Government departments in the district with more than three officers sharing one office.

And BuildCom Investment Limited Site Clerk Josephat Lilanda said they had difficulties in mobilizing materials at the commencement of the project six months ago.

Mr. Lilanda however, said the project was currently running smoothly adding that works are expected to be completed by September this year and hand over the building to the Government.

Mafinga District is one of the newly created districts in Muchinga Province where the Government has embarked on infrastructure development in terms of office and residential accommodation.

Construction of houses in Mafinga for the Government workers is expected to commence in two months’ time.