Govt. sets new Civil Service retirement age

Dr. Roland Msiska

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska announced this in Kasama yesterday when he addressed Provincial heads of Government departments.

Dr. Msiska said the new retirement age will enable Government to restructure the pension scheme so that retiring workers do not become destitute after formal employment.

He observed that the new pension scheme would have a lot of benefits to public service workers as their pension funds accumulate significantly.

Dr. Msiska observed that Government is discouraging the payment of lump sum to retirees due to past experiences where workers failed to utilize funds prudently.

The PF government had since coming to power indicated that it would increase the retirement age to 65 years from the traditional 55 years saying some of the human resource is being wasted by the most workers retiring at the age of 55 years.

However, this move had been received by mixed feelings among sections of society with some stating that the retirement age should conform with the country’s life expectancy of about 36 years due to HIV/AIDS pandemic .

Meanwhile the Secretary to the cabinate has called for increased productivity among public service workers in the country in order for the country to grow its economy.

He said it is imperative that government workers observe high levels of integrity and professionalism in discharging their duties.

Dr. Msiska stated that civil service has a lot of qualified and competent personnel who should work hard and help Government provide quality service delivery to all Zambians.

The Secretary to the Cabinet urged public service workers to support the government of the day and adopt a positive attitude towards work.

He further said he is ready to reform the civil service in order to it more efficiently in its operations.