90 Companies register for Intercompany Relay


NINETY Companies have confirmed their participation at the Intercompany Relay (ICR 2013).  Amongst the latest entrants in the C.E.O.s 100metres race are the COMESA, Total Zambia, ZICTA, ZESCO and Inter-Continental Hotel Chief Executives. Over 50 Chief Executive Officers have registered to compete in the 100metres C.E.O.s race and at least 250 health walkers will walk alongside the first lady, Dr. Christine Kaseba in the 5Km Health Walk. Hon Minister of Home affairs, Edgar Lungu will impressively run the full 11.5km.

The ICR chairman said he is pleased with the response they are receiving,

“We are very pleased with the overwhelming number of enquiries we have continued to receive from both organizations and individuals who would want to be part of this year’s ICR. We have also had people calling and thanking us for extending the deadline for registration thus giving them an opportunity to be part of the event.” said Mpondela.

And Samsung Electronics Plc Zambia has donated 10 Wi-Fi digital cameras for the winners of the 10 heats in the 100metres C.E.O Samsung challenge, in addition to the certificates and trophies awarded by ICR. An undisclosed premium product has also been nominated for the first lady in the 5Km Health Walk.

ICR last week announced the extension of the deadline for registration to allow companies which had been busy with the Labor Day celebrations to register and prepare for the event. Mpondela also said that the earlier deadline had been set in order to allow better planning. “We had set the June 15th deadline for registration to allow ample time for better planning of the event. The deadline extension, consequently calls for the organizing committee to put in extra time to ensure effective planning and implementation.” He said.

ICR Marketing and Communications Executive, Stella Omara said that in the past, participating organizations have had a tendency to register just before the event and this has led to time constrains and challenges in terms of planning. She also said that this year, a different approach has been adopted and measures are being taken to prevent a repetition of the same.

Registration is still ongoing as the date for the event June 15th draws nearer. Response continues to be overwhelming as more companies register to be part of this year’s event set to take place at the Lusaka Show grounds.