-State congratulates KK

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Government has congratulated First Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda on the African Union’s recognition of his immense contribution to the liberation struggle on the African continent.


Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kennedy Sakeni says the honour is well deserved for a man who sacrificed his life for the freedom and dignity of mankind.


Mr. Sakeni said this in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.


“As Government and people of Zambia we have received with great joy and honour the news that our founding president is to be honored during the AU’s on-going Golden Jubilee celebrations in Ethiopia,” he said.


Mr. Sakeni, who is also Chief Government spokesperson said that Dr. Kaunda had the choice to remain aloof and pursue other avenues of life for his personal glory but he did not do so.


“But true to his virtues of love, humility and respect for human dignity, Dr Kaunda realized that Zambia’s independence would be meaningless unless and until all the countries in the region and the continent as a whole were liberated.


Mr Sakeni observed that Dr Kaunda’s efforts along with those of his colleagues were not in vain as today Southern Africa and the entire African continent is free from the chains of colonialism.


Meanwhile, Mr Sakeni says President Michael Sata is committed to working with fellow African Union member states in translating the political independence into tangible economic results to make Africa a better and prosperous place for all.