-Chinsali residents welcome subsidy removals

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Chinsali residents welcome subsidy removals

Chinsali, May 25, 2013, ZANIS…Residents of Chinsali district have

welcomed the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel by the government.

Speaking in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services
one of the residents talked to Henry Mulenga said
the removal of subsidies by the Government is a good initiative and a
welcome move which should be appreciated by all Zambians that have a
heart for the nation.

Mr. Mulenga said the subsidies did not benefit the poorest of the poor
Zambians in the rural areas.

He added that ordinary Zambians especially the small scale farmers
gained nothing from the subsidies especially on the maize as millers
who were buying Maize at a cheaper price from the Food Reserve Agency
made huge profits after selling the mealie meal at an exorbitant
price to the consumers.

Mr. Mulenga said the subsidies only benefited a few Zambians while the
majority of the ordinary Zambian people still remained engulfed in

And Christine Mwansa said the removal of subsidies by the PF
Government on maize and fuel, will result in an equitable distribution
of  national wealth to all the corners of the country and to
benefit all the Zambians.

Ms. Mwansa said that it would be better to channel resources saved
from maize and fuel subsidies to infrastructure development that will
benefit a lot of ordinary Zambians.

She said that it was unfortunate that the previous Government had to
put subsidies on maize and fuel at the expense of the ordinary poor

Ms. Mwansa has further commended the government for embarking on
country- wide infrustructure development adding that with such
infrastructure development taking place in all the provinces in the
country, Zambia will never be the same in the next few years to come.

She cited the 8000 kilometer Link Zambia project under the Road
Development Agency (RDA) and construction of schools and universities
in all the provinces as one of the best projecSt that will boost the
economy of the country once completed.

And Crispus Muwowo has called on Zambians to support the removal of
subsidies on fuel and Maize by the Government saying though painful,
the move will greatly benefit many Zambians in future.

Government recently removed subsidies on maize and fuel in order to
channel the money to other developmental programmes and projects in
the country.