2)–Male midwives here to stay-Chikusu

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-Health deputy minister Dr. Patrick Chikusa says government will continue training and supporting male nurses and midwives.


This follows recent concerns from some sections of society who condemned as taboo the practice f male midwives and nurses attending to female patients.


Dr. Chikusu said there is nothing wrong with having male nurses and male midwives adding that myths will not deter government from delivering health services to its people.


Speaking today when he officiated at the 42nd Graduation ceremony for Registered nurses, midwives, theatre nurses, HIV/AIDS nurse practitioners and critical care nurses at the University Teaching Hospitals,  Dr. Chikusu said government will not allow a situation where patients are attended to by unqualified staff at the expense of myths.


Dr. Chikusu said the PF government is committed to ensuring that its people receive the best  health care services across the country.


Meanwhile, Dr. Chikusu has assured patients who are on Anti Retro viral (ARVs) treatment that government is expecting to have full stock of the drug soon after the procured drugs are delivered in full.


Dr. Chikusu said government is dedicated to ensuring that loss of life due to lack of drugs in hospitals is avoided.


He added that the University Teaching Hospital now has no shortage of pre-nan milk for premature babies whose mothers cannot breast feed for various reasons.


He said although government emphasis is to ensure that every child is breast fed, government will continue offering support to babies in need of pre-nan milk.


Some parts of the country were recently hit by a shortage of pre-nan milk and ARVs prompting complaints from the beneficiaries.