Subsidy removal won’t affect relief food distribution – Scott

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—Republican Vice President, Guy Scott, has assured the people of Luangwa district that the removal of fuel and maize subsidies will not affect the distribution of relief food in the area.

Dr Scott noted that his office is fully aware that Luangwa is a drought prone area and as a result there will be will be no changes in the distribution of relief food.

The Vice Presidet added that the removal of subsidies on selected items is for the benefit of the Zambian people.

He said the development is not new as it was started by the MMD government.

Dr Scott explained that the former ruling part agreed to remove subsidies on fuel in 2010 in three phases but u-turned on their decision towards the general election.

He said the PF government is just continuing from where the previous administration left.

The Vice President was speaking during a rally in Luangwa to drum up support for the PF Feira Parliamentary candidate, Patrick Ngoma, in the forth coming by election.

Meanwhile, Dr Scott has dismissed assertions being made by opposition political parties that the PF government is trying to create a one party state.

He said the PF is there to work for the people who voted for it, saying it is the only party that knows how to deliver on the campaign promises it made compared to the previous regime.

Dr Scott said apart from the road construction, hospitals and secondary schools will be constructed in Feira.

He further stated that government will also look into the opening of mines so as to create job opportunists for the youth in Luangwa district.

And PF aspiring candidate for Feira by election, Patrick Ngoma, said his resignation was a result of him being asked to leave the MMD by party officials in the area.

Mr Ngoma, who is confident of scooping the seat, asked the people of Feira Constituency to vote for him as a way of showing appreciation to the president for the development that has so far been taken to the area since the PF party came into power.

The Feira seat fell vacant when Patrick Ngoma resigned from MMD to join the ruling PF party.

The seat is also being contested by NAREP candidate, Samuel Sikaonga, MMD  candidate, Elias Phiri, UNIP  candidate Charles Kanyama Phiri and  UPND  candidate, Eularia Zulu.