Eastern Province Minister leads with example to make Chipata clean

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Eastern Province Minister leads with example to make Chipata clean

Chipata, May 23, ZANIS —— Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone this morning swung into action to clean the Centre town of Chipata to symbolize the launch of the keep Chipata clean campaign.

Mr Sichone who was flanked by the Deputy Permanent Secretary Zachariah Luhanga and other government heads of government departments cleaned the streets of Umodzi and Saturady market.

Addressing residents Mr Sichone said there was need to take responsibility in improving the general cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene in all aspect of the daily lives.

Mr Sichone said the main objective of the launch was to get everyone involved in the keeping of the district clean at all times which would in turn improve the health of everyone.

The Minister stated that there was also need to improve the economic status of the district by having a healthy work force as people would spend more time on production rather than being bed ridden.

He has since declared a Thursday as a general cleaning day that would call for everyone’s involvement in cleaning their premises from 07:00hrs to 08:00hrs.

The Minister further instructed every shop and business premises to have refuse bin placed outside their premises to ensure that people have a place to throw litter.

He warned that premises found without a bin from 1st July this year would be charged with a penalty equivalent to the price of the bin.

And speaking at the same function Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu called on marketers to fully support the campaign by conforming to good hygiene practices.

Mr Zulu said Chipata district had recorded a number of typhoid cases due to bad hygiene practices.

He also warned that any marketer found throwing litter any how would face the wrath of law.