Angolans in Zambia urged to register with consulate

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Angolans in Zambia urged to register with consulate


Kasempa, May 23, ZANIS —–The Angolan consulate in Solwezi has urged Angolans residents in Zambia to register with their embassy for future support from both the Angolan and Zambian governments.


Angolan consulate Vice Counsel Pedro Chituco said both governments have no information on the Angolans who have settled outside the refugee camps which has resulted in illegal settlements.


Mr Chituco said this in Kasempa toady during a registration screening exercise of Angolans that the screening process is being conducted in all the districts of the province and is aimed at providing financial support to all Angolans who wish to go back or settle in Zambia.


Mr Chituco noted that most Angolans have enjoyed the peace and kindness in Zambia for many years and hence the need to have legal documents by registering.

“Zambia and Angola have continued to enjoy good relationship for a long time and that peace should not be abused by staying illegally,” he said.


Mr Chituco appealed to Angolans in North Western province not to fear to register as the process is for their benefit and would continue to enjoy peace in Zambia.


He said the local integration of the Angolans is evidence that both governments are working towards improving the lives of Angolan who wish to settle in Angola or Zambia.


The local integration for Angolans will accommodate about 10,000 registered Angolans in Zambia.


And Fitwell Chikola an Angola resident in Zambia said the exercise in Zambia is important because it will provide him an opportunity to visit Angola.


Mr Chikola disclosed that though born in Zambia his father migrated from Angola in 1945 and hence has no intentions of going back to Angola.