Accept govt’s subsidies removal – Nyambe

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Accept govt’s subsidies removal –  Nyambe

Mongu,  May 23, 2013, ZANIS —- Mongu District Patriotic Front Publicity Secretary Captain Lawrence Nyambe has appealed to people of Western Province to accept the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize respectively.


Captain Nyambe said people should stop criticising government and not look at the removal of subsidies as punishment.


He explained that the intention of the PF government is to bring about sustainable development that will reduce poverty and improve people’s lives.


ZANIS reports that the Mongu District Patriotic Front Publicity Secretary said this in an interview in the area , today.


Captain Nyambe said sustainable development cannot be done over night, but definitely will be achieved over a period of time.


Government will not allow people to starve, but will continue to take intervention measures whenever necessary, he said.


Captain Nyambe stated that the money to saved from subsidies will go towards the construction of good schools, universities, hospitals and various road networks.


He has since appealed to people to try to cultivate and eat cheap and drought resistant crops like cassava, millet and sorghum than depending on maize that requires fertiliser and expensive to grow.


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