Succession disputes retards development

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-Acting Namwala District Commissioner Godwin Sanjase has disclosed that a succession dispute in Mukobela chiefdom is affecting the implementation of developmental programmes in the chiefdom.

And Mr Sanjase says the tarring of the Nieko-Monze road will spur economic development in the district as it is the shortest route to the line of rail.

ZANIS reports that Mr Sanjase explained that the succession dispute in Mukobela chiefdom has not yet been concluded since 2002 following the death of Chief Mukobela.

Mr Sanjase noted that failure to resolve the matter has affected development as the two opposing sides have taken the matter to court.

He however could not give further details into the matter as the succession dispute is still active in the courts of law awaiting determination of the case.

Mr Sanjase pointed out that the district has four Chiefs namely Mungaila, Mukobela, Muchila and Nalubamba and shares its boundaries with Monze, Choma, Kalomo and Itezhi-Tezhi districts respectively.

Mr Sanjase said people in the district are happy with President Michael Sata’s government for including the Nieko-Monze road to be tarred this year.

The Acting District Commissioner explained that Njeko-Monze road is the busiest and shortest route to the line of rail hence will open the district to new investment.

Mr Sanjase further explained that with the relocation of the provincial capital of Southern province from Livingstone to Choma, transport costs and other expenses for Namwala residents will be reduced.

He said the release of Women Empowerment Funds, the fight against corruption and the labour law reforms are some of the positive developments that the district has embarked on since President Sata came into office.