Traditional leader calls for hygiene practices

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–A traditional leader in Nakonde district of Muchinga Province has implored people in the area to seriously observe good hygiene by digging pit latrines and constructing toilets for their households use.


Chieftainess Nawaitwika of Namwanga said the move would supplement Government’s efforts in implementing sanitation programmes in rural areas.


Chieftainess Nawaitwika said this when she addressed village head persons at her palace yesterday.


The Chieftainess said it has been noted that in many remote areas people have opted to be going in the bush to answer the call of nature at the expense of constructing toilets for their households use.

She warned that she would not allow anyone in her chiefdom to be living without such hygienic facilities in their households.


The traditional leader further advised her subjects to always consider washing their hands when having meals and use safe and clean drinking water to prevent themselves from deadly diseases such as cholera.


The traditional leader has since advised people in her area to consider changing their way of living in terms of adherence to good sanitation.


The Chieftainess has also directed all village head persons in her chiefdom to go flat-out in their villages and check the people who have not adhered to this noble call before Government authorities pounce on them.


She said that it is also her vision to ensure that her area becomes a model to other chiefdoms where maximum adherence to good sanitation is concerned in the country.