Bishop describes dressing styles among Zambians as disgraceful

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—A Lusaka-based clergyman has expressed great concern over what he described as disgraceful style of dressing on most men and women in the country.


United Church of Zambia Synod Bishop, Mutale Mulumbwa, expressed his concern during a church service held at Central Congregation in Nakonde district yesterday.


Bishop Mulumbwa observed that most dressing styles which many people have adopted in the country do not portray any Christianity value but indecency in the eyes of the Lord.


He said it is so embarrassing to see children of the Lord who were nicely made to be putting on something that makes them lose their standing Christian morals in the country.


He cited ladies mini-skirts that go beyond their knees and sagging kind of dressing by most men in the country, among others.


The bishop also explained that some kind of dressing makes others to lose confidence in the Christian Faith.


He further advised people to always keep their good faith and show Christian morals in whatever they do by also adopting the kind of dressing that have an attachment of decency in them.


“Let us be genuine and keep our Christianity faith in the way we do things in our lives,” said Bishop Mulumbwa.