Govt. advised to put up security measures during UNWTO

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Govt. advised to put up security measures during UNWTO

Livingstone, May 18,  2013,  ZANIS — A Livingstone based Clergy man has advised the government to put up stringent security to curb any forms of human trafficking during the forth coming United Nations World Tourism General Assembly (UNWTO) to be co-hosted between Zambia and Zimbabwe in August this year.


Anglican Church Father Emmanuel Chikoya said government should put  up a lot of efforts to ensure that no case of human trafficking occurs during the global event.


 ZANIS reports from Livingstone that the clergyman said this   yesterday on the backgrounds of a human trafficking   sensitization workshop organized by the Anglican church and the international Labour Organisation (ILO).


Father Chikoya stated that government should be proactive on security matters saying while the event would bring benefits to the country, then event could also bring about bad vices like human trafficking.


“Government should really be proactive in putting in proper security measures to prevent any forms of human trafficking which are usually associated with such big events,” said Father Chikoya.


Father Chikoya explained that the Anglican Church partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO)  has embarked on to sensitization programme to Livingstone residents on human trafficking in an effort to complement government efforts.


He said the church in collaboration with ILO has successfully raised awareness on human trafficking in Ngwenya, Malota and Namatama areas of the tourist capital.


And in her presentation during the workshop, Acting Provincial Human right Coordinator Ms Mwizi Katolo said human trafficking is likely to be high during the UNWTO and echoed calls for the government to put preventive measures.


Ms Mwizi also noted that while government has ratified the UN protocol on human trafficking there was still need for more human and financial resources to ensure that the law is effectively implemented.


“Inadequate law enforcement officers, porous borders and lack of funds are some of the challenges government face in fully implement laws against human trafficking,” observed Ms Katolo.


Ms Katolo also said domestic child abuse has gone unabated in the country and called on the government to find solution to the problem.


And one of the participants Mr. Henry Kalikombe said called on government to allocate more financial resources towards the fight against human trafficking.