SIM card registration, an international practice – Mutimushi

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SIM card registration, an international practice – Mutimushi Geneva, May 17/13, ZANIS……….The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) Director for Technology and Engineering Patrick Mutimushi says the exercise of SIM card registration currently taking place in Zambia is of international practice. Mr Mutimushi stressed that the exercise is observed all over the world and that Zambia is just adhering to the laws put in place. He disclosed this to ZANIS in an interview at the ongoing World Summit for Information Society taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. “The practice is not something out of the blues but it is something that is observed everywhere in the world, “stated Mr Mutimushi. Mr Mutimushi stated that the objective of the exercise is to ensure that particulars of mobile subscribers are captured for purposes of identification. He noted that even though the various ICTs tools such as the mobile phone and internet have come with fancy services, there is a risk in some subscribers abusing these applications for criminal activities. “So you can imagine if mobile devices do not have an identity to it and somebody carries out criminal activities on them, it would be very, very hard to have a point of investigation, “he explained. Mr Mutimushi expressed sadness over the outcry from some quarters of society that the information ZICTA is capturing will be used in the manner that is not intended to be used for. He has assured the mobile subscribers saying within the law there are such database declared as critical database therefore it is to be protected and secured. “From that point it is not intended to be accessed by anybody because it carries a client’s details,” he added. And Swisscom Deputy Shop Manager Eric Tankam told ZANIS in an interview that the SIM card registration exercise in Switzerland has been in existence for more than 10 years. Mr Tankam observed that with the advanced technology in place, it is necessary to have the SIM card registration in place. He further observed that with the various services that come along with the mobile, the subscriber will not be able to access the said applications phone if not registered. The directive of SIM card registration is in line with ZICTA’s compliance with the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) law of 2009 and the Statutory Instrument on the Registration of Electronic Communication Apparatus No. 65 of 2011.


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