Shang’ombo residents warned against landmines

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—-National Committee on Anti Personnel Landmine chairman, Gabriel Namulambe, has cautioned people in Shangómbo district to be wary of people speculating that landmines contain red mercury. Mr Namulambe warned local communities that attempting to open a landmine is putting one’s life in great danger. He appealed to the residents not to hesitate to report to the district leadership in an event a suspicious object is discovered in their area. Mr Namulambe, who is also Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, said government cannot work alone in de-mining landmines left by freedom fighters in the area. The Deputy Minister implored the Shang’ombo community to partner with government in creating a safer environment to live in by helping in clearing the landmines in affected areas. He said government is interested in the welfare of its people, hence embarking on the sensitisation exercise to alert the communities on the types of landmines. Later, Mr Namulambe distributed posters showing different types of landmines with a call to parents to eductate their children not to play with suspicious looking objects. Meanwhile, Mr Namulambe has appealed to Shang’ombo residents to wilfully surrender illegally obtained firearms to the state. He said it is not ideal to keep firearms and ammunition in the house over a long period of time and years on end.