Govt concerned with safety of people of Shang’ombo

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—Government says it is concerned with the safety of the people living in places were landmines were left behind by freedom fighters. Speaking during a sensitization public meeting held at Lilondo Basic School in Shang’ombo district, National Committee on Anti Personnel Landmines, chairman Gabriel Namulambe, said government wants to mop all the landmines in places where they left so as to ensure the safety of the citizens. Mr Namulambe, who is also Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, said government takes the safety of its citizens seriously, hence the vigorous campaign to sensitize the general public on the dangers of landmines. He said the state wants to ensure that its citizens live in landmine-free environment. Mr Namulambe questioned how development can take place if landmines are not cleared, noting that people will shun working in an environment where their safety is not granted. He said the presence of the committee in Shang’ombo district attests to the commitment government attaches to the well-being of the people. The Deputy Minister challenged parents to take a leading role in sensitizing children not to tamper with any suspicious looking object. Mr Namulambe said children should be protected at all cost from being landmine victims. He further counselled parents to report to authorities any suspicious object so that a team of experts can handle the suspected object. Mr Namulambe told the gathering that government has trained experts to handle any form of landmines. He said the onus is on the parents to cooperate with the state by reporting any suspicious looking objects. The Deputy Minister said lives will be spared if specialist personnel is engaged in handling suspicious objects.