Comedians, musicians call for incorporation in hologram sensitisation

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—-Associations that represent Musicians and comedians in Zambia have called on government to incorporate them in the sensitization campaign for the implementation of the newly acquired hologram.

A hologram is a security feature to be affixed on all audio-visual products that include genuine CDs, DVDs and all such media to help law enforcement officers and the public distinguish original audio and video products from pirated ones.

Both the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) and the Comedians Association of Zambia (CAZ) have noted that the sensitization campaign can best be done if artists, who are the major beneficiaries of the gadgets, are incorporated.

ZAM President, Maiko Zulu, said in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka that his association appreciates the efforts government is making in curbing piracy in Zambia and would want to work together in ensuring that the sensitization campaigns are successful.

Mr Zulu said holograms will greatly help members of his association benefit from their works as it will distinguish pirated copies of Compact Discs from genuine ones.

He said the association is aware of the holograms being purchased but has not yet been told about the sensitization programme following the launch.

Mr Zulu, however, observed that the hologram alone will not end piracy but with the help of law enforcers who he said should be firm on the ground to ensure that apart from stopping the sale of pirated CDs, they also monitor and prevent individuals from downloading music on the internet.

He said the law enforcement agencies should also help artists by ensuring that mobile service providers do not use people’s music without permit or without paying for it.

And Comedian Association of Zambia Secretary General, Derrick Khondowe, said his association and its members are always willing and ready to work with government in fighting piracy in Zambia.
Mr Khondowe said comedians just like musicians stand to benefit from the holograms once they start working as their work will also be protected from unscrupulous people.

Mr Khondowe said the association will be glad if government incorporated it in the just launched sensitization campaigns on the implementation of holograms.

He noted that piracy has robbed artists of their hard-earned money as it tends to benefit people who do not contribute anything to the production of the artistic works.

Government, through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Service, yesterday announced the launch of the sensitization campaign for the implementation of the holograms that were procured and arrived in the country at the end of February this year.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services has since constituted a taskforce drawn from various stakeholders to expedite the implementation process.

The sensitization campaign is aimed at educating and informing the general public and all stakeholders on the holograms and its implementation and a number of activities will take place in Lusaka and other parts of the country as a build up to the launch which will take place in Lusaka on September, 16, 2013.

The launch will be jointly done by the Ministers of Information and Broadcasting Services and Tourism and Art.