Mumbwa teacher to open cheerleading academy


DANCING is who you are that’s what make each and every individual special, singers join school and church choirs, in many circumstances dancers are under stretched says 25 year old Bwalya Chamyolo a teacher of Mumbwa whose dream is to open a cheerleading academy.

Cheerleading is an intense physical activity based upon organized routines, usually ranging anywhere from one to three minutes, which contains many components of tumbling , dance, jumps, cheers and stunting in order to direct spectators of events to cheer for sports teams at games or to participate in cheerleading competitions.

Cheerleading originated in the United States and remains predominantly American, with an estimated 1.5million participants in all-star cheerleading. The presentation of cheerleading as a sport to a global audience was led by the 1991 start of broadcasts of cheerleading competition by ESPN international and the worldwide release of the 2000 film bring it on.

Due in part to this recent exposure there are now an estimated 100,000 participants scattered around the rest of the world in countries including Australia , Canada, China, Finland , United Kingdom among many others and now Zambia.

Chamyolo explains that this activity will be a first of its kind in Zambia that is likely to win attention from the young people especially teens in high schools and colleges, cheerleading will allow girls in schools to experience a different sport with fun other than the usual and common sports like Volleyball, Netball, Basketball.

She says the sport will bring life to way sports is viewed today by many youths who do not enjoy soccer and other games.

Chamyolo born in a family of four and the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Chamyolo says Giving through dance will provide a theme with a sense of belonging to the young people, they will get to socialise with friends of similar interest, they will be special because dancing is who they are.

She had wanted to be a Cheer Leader at High School but her time has passed yet still feels she can fulfil her dream by opening an academy for young people to fulfil the dream she never did in her time.

“I know that my time has gone and I can make it happen for other kids, there is a lot of potential but they are lucking motivation, just like models, cheer leaders are high spirited givers, so I would age teens of ages between 13 to 16 years to join a Cheer Leaders Club in Mumbwa, the first cheer guide meeting will be held on May 26 2013,” she said.

Chamyolo who is self-inspired aims to persuade the community by gaining their trust and support through community work and to initiate a baseline for her project which she intends to call the Jiny Project, the Project will be funded by Cheer Leaders through Cheer Slams/Variety Shows.

“I’ve decided to start this project because I have realised that even as an individual I can make a difference to change help fight hunger in my home village Shamilimo Shibuyunji where at least 122 orphans are being sponsored by a Women’s Club through donations,” said Chamyolo.

She says although Immorality has always been associated with cheerleading as portrayed in some western movies her programme will teens to abstain from premature sex, beer drinking and smoking, she also intends to educate what cheerleading is about this year through visiting schools in Mumbwa and Lusaka.

She has however urges any guardian and any sponsors who would like their child to serve a greater cause to support the programme and she says only teens with parent’s approval will be registered.


  1. Greetings Ms.Bwalya Chamyolo, My name is Jedaidah Kaweche and I would like to participate in the Mumbwa Cheerleading Academy I am a girl of 13 years old. I hope you will require me as a student in your project of raising Zambia as a whole, I studied in Los Angeles, where I practiced Gymnastics and Ballet lessons but now based in Livingstone. Please take your time to think about it because I know I can be one of the students' to raise this Academy. Thank You.