Chief Nalubamba commends visiting ministers

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—-Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba has commended President Micheal Sata for allowing ministers to be visiting people around the country and acquaint themselves with problems affecting the people.


Chief Nalubamba was speaking when he welcomed Namwala District Commissioner, Gevar Nsanzya, at Kabanga village where he officiated at the of seven-day strategic tour of villages in chief Nalubambas’ area.


Chief Nalubamba has since appealed to all District Commissioners in the country to emulate the Namwala District Commissioners and find out the challenges people are facing in their respective areas.


The chief further said by spending nights and days in villages, leaders will be able to understand people’s problems and find solutions to their problems.


Mr Nsanzya said that the seven days tour is meant to allow ministers and government officials in the district to explain governments programs and find out problems people are facing for them to come up with solutions for people in the villages.