Zambia commends Cuba

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-Government has commended Cuba for the help it has continued to offer to other countries in the areas of agriculture, health and Education.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Effron Lungu, said it was encouraging to note that Cuba has continued to share the little it has with other countries.

Dr Lungu was speaking in Havanna today when he met with the President of the National Assembly of the People’s Power Esteban Hernandez at his residence.

He observed that Zambia and Cuba had a lot in common as Cuba actively participated in the liberation struggle of Angola and Mozambique while Zambia also participated in the liberation struggle of most of its neighbouring countries.

The minister also said Zambia had joined other countries calling for the lifting of the embargo on Cuba.

And Mr Hernandez said Cuba will continue to strengthen the friendship and cooperation that exist between the two countries.

He also said his country will continue to help African countries because of the brotherhood that Cuba and Africa share.

He further called for unity among African countries if they were to develop.