Discover new ways, urges UN Secretary General

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Discover new ways, urges UN Secretary General


From Rosaria Lubumbashi-Simengwa


Geneva May14/13……..The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, has urged the International Telecommunication Union member states to discover ways that will help shape the technological progress to promote sustainable development which remains today’s world greatest challenge.

Mr Moon observes that the ability to process information using new ways will be of great benefit and value in that it will significantly improve policy making and early warning as regards the process of development.

The UN Secretary General also advised delegates to double up their efforts in closing up the digital divide and ensure that the world has access to transformational information and communications technology.

“The digital revolution must be inclusive and serve as an instrument to promote equality,” he stated.

According to Mr Moon, there are nearly seven billion mobile subscriptions in the world today.

He added that many people are using internet, giving them access to vital information and knowledge, which he described as a welcome progress.

Since 2003 when the summit was held in Geneva, Information and Communication Technologies have gained greater importance in today’s world including Zambia.

And the International Telecommunication Union Secretary General, Hamadoun Toure, noted that the overwhelming response of the more than 1, 000 delegates at the summit demonstrates ITU member states’ commitment to the World Summit on the Information Society.

Additionally, Dr Toure noted that the delegates’ presence is a representation of their recognition of the important role that Information and Communication Technologies will play in the future’s development agenda.

The ITU Secretary General observed that Tuesday’s ministerial round-table will be widely expected to bring a global focus on the strength of the ICTs to achieve the world’s sustainable development goals.

The Information, Communication and Technologies benefit various sectors which include education, health, marketing and commerce, government operations and capacity building among others.

Zambia, like other countries, has also placed the use of ICTs as a priority on its developmental agenda.