Mass UPND and MMD defections to PF in Itezhi tezhi

PF Cadres during Youth Day 2013

Hundreds of UPND and MMD party members and Mbila Ward officials have defected to join the ruling  Patriotic Front (PF).


The defectors who were lead by Headman Maxwell Simujika who was also UPND Mbila Ward Chairman until yesterday when he resigned from his post to join PF.


Chief Sheezongo, Itezhi itezhi UPND area Member of Parliament Greford Monde and Gender and Child Development Minister were among the people who witnessed the mass defection in Mbila Ward.


Speaking on behalf of the UPND and MMD defectors, the headman said the people of Mbila want development hence their decision to dump UPND for PF.


He said for a long time the people of Mbila have been supporting the opposition resulting in the area being under developed.


Headman Simjuika said the residents of Mbila have made up their minds and wants to work with PF in developing the area.


And Chief Sheezongo praised the defectors for choosing to work with the government an effort to open up the area for sustained development.

The traditional leader said Mbila was under developed because the people in his chiefdom were in a habit of supporting opposition political parties resulting in development by passing Mbila.


He implored the people of Mbila Ward to rally behind Mr Monde and support him in bringing development to the area.


Chief Sheezongo thanked President Sata for appointing Mr Monde in his government as deputy minister for agriculture and livestock.


He disclosed that within a period of one month Mr Monde has saved in the PF government Mbila has witnessed change that past governments failed to implement.


Chief Sheezongo cited the empowering of women clubs and construction of three clinics in Mbila Ward as some of the projects that government has brought in his chiefdom since Mr Monde joined government.


Speaking at the same function PF National Women Chairperson Inonge Wina thanked the defectors for making a right decision to join PF.


She explained that President Sata is committed to develop rural areas so as to reduce poverty levels.


Ms Wina who is also Gender and Child Development Minister castigated UPND leader for hidering his MPs from working with government.


She wonder how development can be brought to constituencies if opposition leaders are not allowing their MPs to interact with PF ministers.


Ms Wina who dispelled assertions made by opposition parties that PF is inducing by elections said by elections are being caused by grid opposition leaders who don’t want their MPs to partner with government in improving the welfare of the people.


The National Womens Chairperson said PF is ready to work with people who are development minded.