Western Nurses commemorates their day in Sesheke

General nursing council of zambia

Nurses from all the districts in Western province gathered in Sesheke district on May 10th to commemorate the International Nurses Day which falls every year on the 10th of May.

Officiating at this year’s World Nurses Day under the theme; “Closing the gap; Millennium Development Goals”, Western Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Kamona Namukolo said that government recognizes nursing as the largest health care profession in the world.


Mrs Kamona said that there shouldn’t be anyone doubting that nurses and midwives are the cornerstone to the achievements of the MDGs.


She said that nurses and midwives are educated to understand the complex nature of maintaining healthy and wellness and the psychosocial and socio-economic factors such as poverty, unemployment and ethnic.


“Nursing is more than a care giver. Nurses touch other people’s worlds in many ways more than the world touches them and a smile from a nurse brings about healing to a patient,” Mrs Kamona said.


She said that government appreciates what the nurses and midwives have done towards the achievement of the MDGs and also in helping shaping and delivering sustainable goals and outcomes beyond 2015.


Mrs Kamona paid a great tribute to the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the national nurses organizations such as Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) for the efforts and contribution of the attainment of health related MDGs.


She also said that it cannot be disputed that the health related MDGs have helped to focus attention on the needs of health system to be underpinned by robust financial mechanism and it is for this reason that government awarded all the nurses up to 21% salary increment.


Speaking at the same function, ZUNO Provincial Secretary Ronald Solami said that there have been major successes over the past decade in improving the knowledge and skills of nurses to enable them make significant contribution towards the achievement of the health related MDGs.


Mr Solami said that Zambia has made significant progress on the health related MDGs on which nurses and midwives contribute their efforts directly.


He emphasized that nursing is a calling and not a career as it is a selfless profession where the practitioners offer themselves to ensure the health of the community in particular and the country as a whole.


Mr Solami humbly appealed to the members of the society and the country at large to take time to understand this passion that nurses have because they face challenges in performing this job.