Shamenda defends PF’s recruitment of opposition

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-The Labour and Social Security Minister, Fackson Shamenda who is also Ndola Central Member of Parliament says the Patriotic Front government is an inclusive government which wants to have ministers from all corners of the country.

Speaking when he addressed heads of government departments at Council chamber in Itezhi tezhi district yesterday, Mr Shamenda said there is nothing wrong for people from other parties scramble for government positions.

“There has been a lot of criticisms that we are causing by-elections by poaching opposition members of parliament. That is not true. The appointments are meant to ensure PF government has ministers from all corners of this country,” Mr Shamenda said.

He said that the party has a lot of Legislators whom it can appoint in various government positions but they are looking at inclusiveness.

“There so many good and hard working ministers like Dr Patrick Chikusu who is not being harassed by his party and he has continued working for the people of Zambia,” Mr Shamenda said.

He also said that his party cannot stop opposition members of parliament who want to join PF because they have a right to belong to any party.

Mr Shamenda also defended the appointment of more deputy ministers by his government saying that without them work would be very difficult for cabinet ministers.

“We need deputy ministers because those people help us a lot. We cannot be everywhere every time and deputy ministers help take government presence when cabinet ministers are not able to reach certain places where government presence is required,” he said.

And Acting Senior Agriculture officer, Petronela Lubasi said that government has not been confirming people who have been acting for a long time.

Ms Lubasi said that many people have upgraded their qualifications but have not been elevated or confirmed and have been acting perpetually.

But Mr Shamenda said that government is working out modalities to address those issues adding that public services will now be an enviable place to work in due to continuous PF government’s policy to improve conditions of civil servants.

He said that the government from September will be paying their lowest worker K3,200 and challenged private institutions to  match up with the government standard on paying their workers.