Luo determined to drive Zambia’s economy forward

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Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo says she will continue being a slave driver until Zambia records significant tangible economic growth.


Speaking during the Ministry of Chiefs And Traditional Affairs Labour Day award giving ceremony, Ms Luo said she will continue pushing people to do their work if it is the only way they will perform their responsibilities.


The Minister said it is unfortunate that people in the civil service have taken advantage of the long process involved in the firing of public service workers by adopting a laissez faire attitude.


She said the country cannot afford to have positions in the labour force filled with people who do not fulfil their duties but are only interested in their salary.


Ms Luo said it is high time that the country moved away from having awards such as long service award but rather increase on innovation awards.


And Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Permanent Secretary Collard Chabota pledged that his ministry will work hard and prove to be the best ministry in years to come.