RTSA to track down repeat offenders

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The Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) is computerising its database in a bid to detect repeat offenders on roads.


RTSA Principal Publicity Officer Mercy Khozi Mwila said the agency was alive to the modern way of doing things and wanted to improve its operations by having an electronic system in place.


Mrs. Mwila said the electronic system will use vehicle registration numbers to document offences when they occur and in turn allow the agency to backtrack and follow up on repeat offenders.


She told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that this will make management of traffic offences relatively easy because it will not be done manually.


She stated that the law regarding traffic offences was adequate and covered offences according to their severity.


Mrs. Mwila said first time offenders were fined while second time offenders were taken to court.


She cited forgery and utterances of false documents as being among the offences that were not fined but taken to relevant authorities for prosecution.


Mrs. Mwila said RTSA has in the past faced a challenge in documenting road traffic offences.


She disclosed that currently, RTSA was formulating a design for the system and would soon begin the procurement process for the same.